It looks like we will be calling Springfield home for awhile and not only are we ok with it, we are really excited. With the housing markets being as low as they are and us being tired of throwing money away each month on rent, we decided it was time to start house shopping. After spending countless hours online searching for options in our price range, we narrowed it down to a group we wanted to look at.

Along with our realtor, we spent a couple of Saturdays taking a look. On Saturday number two, we found the right one. It is a foreclosure and is better than the other houses in every way. Our offer was accepted, we have a contract in place and the inspection turned up no major issues. We are set to close on May 18th and are incredibly excited about this blessing and opportunity.

Our involvement at the Potter's House was a little less than we planned this past semester but we hope to continue working and helping in any way we can. We have been attending Springfield First Nazarene since late last year and have really fallen in love with the people there. This church has helped reaffirm that we are where we belong.

Rashele has been at her job at Great Southern for over a month now and is loving it. I am waiting to hear back from an organization about an opening in their marketing department. I have had two interviews and was told they had narrowed it down to the top three. Getting the position would be an opportunity to work in my desired field but would also be a significant improvement in our budget. We are praying it works out but we are also determined to stay positive if it doesn't work out.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support!
-Josh & Rashele



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